Cancellation by the Client

Any cancellation must be made in writing to us. You shall be responsible for all expenses incurred by us in respect of making the booking and canceling the same and for all payments which the Travel Services may lawfully require by reasons of the cancellation. We will repay to you any monies held by us in excess of the non-refundable deposit after deducting the cancellation fees (as defined below), any other expenses and payments and in any event shall not be required to make repayments until we have received payments from the Travel Services of such monies as may be due to you following such cancellation. We reserve the right to impose a cancellation fee ("The Cancellation Fees") based on the time of notice given by you as follows:

(a) 30 days and more prior to departure dare - 25% of the tour price

(b) 15 -29 days prior to departure date - 50% of the tour price

(c) 0 - 14 days prior to departure date - 100% of the tour price